Cheat Death

by Bent Life



released 03 March 2015



all rights reserved


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Bent Life Lincoln, Nebraska

New 2 song limited pressing 7 inch "CHEAT DEATH" out early 2015 via Bad Teeth Recordings


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Track Name: Nail In The Coffin
Buried deep beneath the dirt’s not deep enough
You pull the strings but we’re the ones holding you up
Demanding admiration like it was overdue
Shut up. No thanks. And fuck you
And all the lies
The dividing lines
They ain’t so hard to see
You’re driven to conquer something
But I’m built to stop at nothing
And yet you try and break me

You want the world by it’s throat
Scarred and lifeless
Backed into a corner
You want it weak enough to fit the mold in time
I know that grin like it was mine
I shook that hand a thousand times
And I’m not impressed

So keep your enemies close
You’re running out of control
A kingdom of dirt, tethered in anger
Learning reduction: a friend to a stranger
Misery’s deserved
Tell me I’m what I’m worth
Tell me I can’t bite the hand that fed me
I’ll smash the cage and destroy your foundation
Pure and arrant frustration
This is a lesson in greed and selfishness
An introduction to pain and discipline
And unrelenting consequence
You stupid motherfucker

Spineless bastards
Watch nothing change
There’s no liberation
For those who’ve learned to love their chains