Never Asked For Heaven

by Bent Life



released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Bent Life Omaha, Nebraska

MWB. B9 Records.

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Track Name: Lock
One too many times
You had to prove me right
Once golden, unlocked
Now hanging like an afterthought
I'm broken open
You swore I wanted this, wanted that You turned your back
I wanted you, but not to fix me
Not to make me whole
Not to save me
Turn the key again
I don't need ammunition
Insulting injury
Familiar feelings
Grabbed by the neck and put to sleep
I never asked for heaven
Don't put that on me
No prying, or begging
I don't care for useless reasoning
Cause you can't fix me
You can't make me whole
You can't save me
Turn the key
I know some things you can't forget
Shut like a Lock
Track Name: Thanks For Nothing
Screaming ignorance
A parade of arrogance
I can't wait to watch you fall
Your world's like steel on a pillar of salt
No king
Your blind determination's wasted
Thanks for nothing
Won't let you take your life out on me
Sharp like a knife in the back
The taste of spite
I gotta spit it out
No king
Your blind determination's wasted
Thanks for nothing
I'm far beyond controlling
(So far beyond control)
Your values are left to rot
(Torn but still unmoving)
Keep running, punk
Track Name: Hands Of Lead
It's not enough 'til the last
Broken bone keeps me fixed to the ground at the end
And time can try
But it can't strip me
Of hands of lead with iron skin
Five-sided like a fist
I know the walls approaching
I'm breaking through
As If I knew another way
Buried grinning
While you dust the dirt off
Where my name's engraved
How far you'll go
Constantly put to the test
Every warning was ignored like the rest
Welcome to a new level of force
Unparalleled until now
Faced with opposition
Unknowing of their mistake
I am destruction, incarnate, enraged;
The wrecking ball lept out the cage
I'm smashing through
Like a fist
I'm burning out, not fading
Track Name: Stab Me
I've been ready to bend until I break
Who's the wolf at the other end
When I feel like prey?
Cut but I won't bleed
Refuse a life on my knees
I'm still ready, chewing broken teeth Truth you don't want to know
A killing joke: Sincerity is cheap
Cut but I won't bleed
Refuse a life down on my knees
I've seen so many fools
Crushed beneath the boot
Scratching and clawing my nails in the dirt
Can't see the light, everything hurts
Kicked in the teeth, bleeding beneath
Levels of suffering beyond belief
You put me down in the ditch
Left me to die, son of a bitch
Pull myself up for the fight
One of us is gonna die tonight
Track Name: Cheat Death
I've been stabbing at the dark
Some way of praying for an ending Bruised and beaten
Hardened breathing
I've been fighting a war that I can't win
A room full of no one
Myself against myself
And I never meant to drag you down Because if you wanna know the truth
It's that I'd break this fucking world in two for you
if that's what I had to do
I need your hand to pull me back From that dead-end sting of doubt Like I'm pissing on a burning building
Like I'm burning just to burn out
Now I'm braking harder
Those spinning feelings are slowing so I can't lose grip
The sheer fact of living's like I'm cheating death
And I've been trying
But understanding mercy
While I'm hanging from a rope
Has me feeling like humanity is one sick joke
And I can't stop laughing
I've been dying to live
Playing absolutes
In a time where faith's misused
Burdened by my own morality
You know I love to lose
Abandon old traditions
Break the unwillingness to change
There are no second chances
The clock ticks until it breaks
I'm giving everything I have to give
Fighting a war I can't win
Cheat Death
Track Name: Kick
Can't walk away
Or shake the truth
Of who I've hurt- the things I abuse
I lied to you
Yeah, well I've been lying to myself for so long too
If it's for the worse, it's so hard to say
Does anybody really ever change? But I'm wanting
I'm needing
To feel control
Close seems so far away
Track Name: Painless
Accept/Regret, either way you lose
Run-down and torn in two
Right or wrong, you're thrown into the fire
It's painless hoping
Painless fearing
Painless trying
Painless losing
Painless burning
knowing I've been stronger
I've been awake for days
A lifetime of past mistakes
Wrung out, unwound
Nothing new
Still it's painless wishing
Painless breaking
Painless learning
Painless growing
Painless rising
Suffer till I come back
I am stronger, I feel it
I did everything that I could do
A cell within myself
I couldn't escape
A life without misfortune
There's no such thing
And there are no tears no for the dead
Unburdened by the guilt of living
I am stronger
Track Name: War
Carved from stone
But cracked in time
I never said I cared
Never said goodbye
It's been war losing you
Knowing that I could've made things right
War, learning who I am
Without you in my life
You were carved from stone
But fell so low
Sometimes the weight of the world Becomes too heavy to hold
It's been war knowing you were hurting
While I was so far from home
War, trying to replace what's irreplaceable
I can't keep repeating every apology
But you were a flame above a world Drenched in gasoline
And this feels so long overdue
But I'll light the match
I'll burn it down for you
Track Name: Permanence
You can't stop this
It will only stop you

I can't follow
Taking and taking
And dying without living
Fuck your selfish intentions
I'll dig my fingers into uncertainty
You can't stop this